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Busk Till Dawn – THE DEBUT ALBUM

For the last three years Lee MacDougall has travelled the world with nothing but an old suitcase in hand and a battered guitar on his back. He has played music everywhere from Alabama to Austria, including raucous gigs at famous venues such as LA’s Hotel Cafe and NYC’s Bitter End, as well as festivals such as SXSW and Hard Rock Calling in London’s Hyde Park.

Independently supporting himself on the road, and often crashing on sofas and floors while travelling more than 50,000 miles, Lee played hundreds of unique shows, collecting tales and hangovers along the way. His music has taken him to places a boy from Grimsby should never see. There have been performances in hotel rooms in Vegas, millionaire’s mansions in the Hollywood Hills – and who could forget the time he was asked by 15 cheerleaders to put on a show in a Jacuzzi? Certainly not Lee. After a club shut down, Lee and his music would often carry on regardless, often staying up all night, often busking till dawn.

These experiences became stories, and these stories became songs. Once back in London, Lee met up with his old friend, producer Jim Lowe. Jim was fresh from No.1 success producing British band Stereophonics and was looking for some new music. After several large gins and confessions of all their sins it was decided: they would team up over the summer to record Lee’s debut album.

Featuring 10 songs and 10 true stories, as well as a guest appearance by The Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock on bass guitar, “Busk Till Dawn” is everything you would want from a modern British guitar record of instantly memorable lyrical pop.


British singer/songwriter/storyteller Lee MacDougall has the kind of voice that can “fill every crevice of a room and every fibre of your body” (Backseat Sandbar). Crafting songs like short stories, or 3 minute mini-movies, Lee’s brand of modern folk-pop combines instantly memorable melodies with true tales of real life experience that almost anyone could relate to. From the everyday mundane of growing up in the rock n’ roll town of Grimsby, to eloping to London, and of all the love, life, and characters he has met along the way.

Inspired by the wry observational humour and storytelling of classic Brit acts such as The Kinks, The Beatles and Rod Stewart, and proclaimed by The Huffington Post as one to watch, Lee’s intensely personal lyrical style has helped win him many admirers:

“You absolutely cannot fake that kind of sincerity and passion.” (BBC 6 Tom Robinson) …. “An amazing storyteller, his songs are like paintings framed in music.” (Skope Mag)

Lee was born in Grimsby – a small town on the east coast of England, and began working in the local fish factory soon after he left school. The defining moment in Lee’s career came one day when a co-worker stole Lee’s shoes meaning he had to walk home barefoot. Lee quit the fish factory and at 21 he relocated to London where he soon established himself on the local open mic circuit. As word-of-mouth of his performances began to spread, Lee began to amass an army of dedicated supporters as word of his music also began to grow rapidly online. Independently, Lee promptly took to the road, capitalising on his growing popularity and performing more than 150 shows around the world in less than two years. This included three tours of the USA, four tours of Germany, and a series of captivating support slots across the UK with the likes of Train, Paolo Nutini and Rumer.



Lee MacDougall updated their cover photo. ...

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I am supporting Tame Impala's Cameron Avery in Vienna at Chelsea on 26.4.17, and I'm proper excited about it! ...

Cameron Avery (AU) • Wien

April 26, 2017, 8:00pm - April 26, 2017, 10:00pm


CAMERON AVERY Support: Lee MacDougall 26.04.2017, Chelsea Wien Eigentlich als Bassist der Indie-Götter Tame Impala bekannt, beschreitet der australische Singer/Songwriter und Multi-Instrumentalist Cameron Avery nun auch Solopfade. Bereits im März erscheint mit "Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams" das Debütalbum und die Vorab-Single "Wasted On Fidelity" lässt bereits Großes erwarten. Mit seiner dunklen, heiseren Bariton-Stimme macht sich Avery dunkle Kräfte und dunklen Humor gleichsam zu Nutze und erinnert dabei an Nick Cave, Scott Walker oder Tindersticks, ohne dabei seine künstlerische Eigenständigkeit aufzugeben. Zu seinem selbstpriduzierten Album meint er: "I wanted to make something that sounded like the old records I love—Johnny Hartman, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Sarah Vaughan, Etta James—the big band stuff with less metaphorical lyrics." Am 26.04.2017 kann man sich im Wiener Chelsea auch von seinen Live-Qualitäten überzeugen.

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See you tonight Hamburg. Maria's Ballroom, 20Uhr. ...

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Lee MacDougall shared Marias Ballroom's Lee Mac Dougall (British Singer/Songwriter/Storyteller). ...

Lee Mac Dougall (British Singer/Songwriter/Storyteller)

March 23, 2017, 8:00pm - March 23, 2017, 10:00pm

Marias Ballroom

Lee MacDougall (British Singer/Songwriter/Storyteller) Tour 2017 Tickets @ all stores In den letzten 3 Jahre reiste der Singer-Songwriter Lee MacDougall mit einem alten Koffer in der Hand und einer zerbeulten Gitarre auf seinem Rücken um die ganze Welt. Er musizierte überall von Alabama bis Aachen, spielte volle Konzerte in berühmten Lokalen wie dem Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, New York Citys Bitter End sowie auf Festivals wie zum Beispiel dem texanischen SXSW oder dem Hard Rock Calling Festival im Londoner Hyde Park. Während dieser Zeit spiele Lee 3 Touren in Amerika und über 120 Solo-Shows in Deutschland. Auf diesem Wege unterstützte er Künstler wie Train, Paolo Nutini, Rumer, Ed Sheeran, Alexander Knappe und Tom Lüneburger. In 2015 zog der Akkustikmusiker Lee nach Berlin und im April veröffentlichte er sein Debut Album “Busk Till Dawn” im Brainstorm/Rough Trade label. Das Album wurde von Jim Lowe produziert – in England dafür bekannt Nummer 1 Alben der britischen Band Stereophonics zu produzieren. Inspiriert von klassischen englischen Musikern wie den Beatles und den Kinks, ist das Album eine moderne gitarrenlastige Brit-Pop Platte die auch einen Gast Auftritt von Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock am Bass beinhaltet. Um die Veröffentlichung seines Debut Album zu bewerben hatte Lee einen Auftritt im ZDF Morgen Magazin und die Singles seines Albums hatten bislang über 1100 Wiedergaben im deutschen Radio. Lee spielte Ende 2015 ausserdem seine eigene Hauptact-Tour in Deutschland und wird im Sommer 2016 als Support der Schweden-Band Roxette durch verschiedenste deutsche Städte touren. Mehr Infos:

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HAMBURG! This Thursday 23.3 I am playing Maria's Ballroom for the last show of the tour - hope to see you there! ...

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